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Falconry Card Game: Outwit, Outsmart, Outlast

A new strategic card game from Circle J Games will be launching on Kickstarter and Gamefound on March 13, 2023

Launch Date for 18-day campaign: March 13, 2023

Participate in the Kickstarter Campaign:

Gamefound Launch Preview:

UPDATE (3/14/2023): Gamefound requested that we not simultaneously run a campaign on their platform if it is currently running on another platform, so in compliance with their request we have cancelled our Gamefound campaign. Backers are invited to either participate in the Kickstarter campaign or use our pre-request form to be notified when Falconry is available for purchase.

Pre-request a Copy on Our Form:

This spring, Circle J Games is launching a threefold crowdfunding project for a new strategic card game, Falconry. With flexible area control and countless gameplay possibilities, Falconry offers a unique and challenging experience for families and friends alike.

Falconry comes with beautiful, fully created art and graphic design, and six play-tested variations. In a unique approach to crowdfunding, Falconry offers three ways to contribute to the development of the game, including options for people with any level of commitment and comfort.

A Threefold Approach

To support as many types of backers and contributors as possible, Circle J Games will be launching on both Kickstarter and Gamefound, with an invitation to users of both platforms to participate. The manufacturing quotes for Falconry were split into separate goals for Kickstarter and Gamefound so that if either one funds alone, the game will be provided to that platform’s backers, and if both campaigns successfully fund together, then enough games will be produced to continue distribution through Circle J Games for additional families and individuals into the future.

This model provides a very low-risk option for board game players on both platforms to contribute and receive one or more copies of Falconry. For potential backers who may be unsure about using either platform, Circle J Games has provided a third option for indicating interest in and commitment to purchasing the game, using a form on its website ( Using this form, Circle J Games will create a list of backers who would rather purchase a copy through the website this fall, assuming that the crowdfunding projects successfully fund.

This unique threefold approach means that any potential backer, no matter the level of comfort and commitment, can participate in bringing this game to life and will be able to obtain the first edition of the game at a discounted rate.

About Falconry

 Falconry is a card placement strategy game, where thinking ahead matters. As one of several competing nobles, players place markers, send out falconers and birds, and seek to outmaneuver other contestants for the grand prize.

Each noble begins by placing his or her falconer, and the race is on! Falconers and birds can be used to claim other players markers for themselves, and falconers can ambush other players’ birds. Players race to be the first to align 5 or 6 cards in a row (depending on the variant).

Variations include forming alliances between players that require new strategies, as well as asymmetric game play, where a single player faces two allied opponents.

Challenging and enjoyable elements of Falconry include the following:

  • Falconry is a completely strategy-based game.
  • The game focuses on card laying and area-control mechanics.
  • Nobles employ falconers and birds to reclaim key locations and open new strategies.

Discover new challenges with family and friends as you try out Falconry!

Game Information and Links

Number of Players: 2–4

Time to Play: 5–15 Minutes

Recommended Age: 8+


For more information, please reply in the comments or contact Jared at Circle J Games using the Contact Us form in the footer below.