Raising Robots Board Game


Challenge yourself to create the best and most cohesive groups of robots while fulfilling school assignments and using your limited energy efficiently!

In this fantastic game with fun artwork, players simultaneously move through phases of engine building that feel both challenging and exciting, gaining energy from other players to run additional phases as careful planning pays off with great rewards. See below for a playthrough video and to learn more about the game!

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Raising Robots is a fantastic game of genius inventors working to build and upgrade the most cohesive set of robots, and at the same time get great grades in school.

Each inventor has asymmetric abilities and different robots, which will make every game feel unique and uniquely challenging.

Full of meaningful decisions and tradeoffs, this is a great game for family members and friends who have lots of experience with advanced strategic games.

Player interaction is positive, as players gain extra energy from other players’ choices, and the robot theme and wonderful artwork will keep you chuckling throughout the game.

Create the most interesting and useful robots over eight rounds, score points from school, and win!

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Additional information

Weight 5.18125 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 3.5 × 13 in

Raising Robots



Game Information

Player Count: 1–6
Set-up Time: 5 Minutes
Play Time: 60–90 Minutes
Recommended Age: 14+


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