About Us

Circle J Games was designed and built with families in mind. We believe that families can be strengthened and find greater joy by playing games together, and we want to help enable and facilitate that.

As a family owned business, we are committed to offering a family friendly collection of uplifting, engaging, and fun games for all ages, created by many different designers; a single place where families can go to find both well-known and newly created games for any occasion at a reasonable price.

We also are committed to setting a higher standard for exceptional customer service to our customers as they purchase and play our games, including by providing how-to videos for every game listed on our site.

In addition, to help facilitate more uplifting game designs by potential creators around the world, we maintain a game design blog with an article series on board and card game mechanics, and more categories coming soon.

We are exited to get to know you and help you as you begin and continue playing and creating uplifting games and building an even greater future!