Upcoming Games!

See below for a preview of our upcoming games! Make sure to follow the links to join us on our journey as we bring these games to life and prepare to create joy!

Quiltable: The Card Game

Our next game is Quiltable: The Card Game, a puzzly quilting game that can be enjoyed by 1-8 players!

The Kickstarter preview page for Quiltable: The Card Game is live here:


Quiltable: The Card Game Kickstarter Header

MegaWrite: Quiltable

Following Quiltable: The Card Game, we are planning to launch MegaWrite: Quiltable, a campaign featuring 12 brand-new printable quilting games, 1 of which will become available each month for a year.

These games will employ multiple engaging board game mechanics including pattern matching, tableau building, engine building, and worker placement.

Please join us by following the Kickstarter preview page for MegaWrite: Quiltable here!


“There is quite a bit of depth in here.”

Brad – Merry Married Meeples – Quiltable: Paper Quilts Review