Our Business Model

We are a family owned company with the hope of bringing joy to families and friends worldwide through enjoyable tabletop games. We have a twofold approach to fulfill this vision, including both games that we publish, and uplifting games from other publishers. Many times finding good board and card games can be a challenge, and we strive to make this task easier for board game players all around the world.

Circle J Designed Games:

To directly help bring joy to families, we hope to focus on designing and publishing great original board and card games for all to enjoy with family and friends. The games we publish will be simple to learn and teach, have depth of strategy, have engaging themes and artwork, and employ enjoyable tabletop game mechanics.

We plan on publishing one to two of our own games per year to be able to focus on creating the highest quality of games possible. We manage our own stock, take care of shipping, and can provide exceptional customer service for all of the games we create. This applies to all games published under the Circle J Designed category.

We are thankful for your help and support in our continued efforts to create games that bring families more joy!

Other Publishers’ Games:

Many great games are published every year through small publishers with varying capacities. Though they design and manufacture new and innovative games, many of these small publishers often have a hard time marketing and sharing the games they create. In addition, many people have a hard time finding good board and card games to play with family and friends. To bridge this gap, we also curate a list of great board games from small publishers and share these games with people all over seeking clean, fun, and enjoyable family games.

We regularly research new games and reach out to small publishers to sell their games on our site, which helps them reach more people, and helps us create a selection that families can trust. We purchase a small stock of games from each publisher, and if our customers enjoy them, we order more!

When board and card games from other publishers are purchased from our site, we fulfill the order ourselves, and ship the games right to you! The more games that are ordered at a time, the more we are able to stock, and the more all parties save on shipping costs, so combined orders are appreciated.

In addition to saving on overall shipping costs, this arrangement enables other publishers to manufacture more new tabletop games. This also supports the tabletop game design articles that we publish, and enables us to continue manufacturing and publishing games that we design from Circle J Games.

Any questions on our model are welcome, and we appreciate all that you do do support us and other game publishers in creating board and card games that help bring you more joy!

We attempt to ship games worldwide, but if the shipping cost to your country seems too high, or if you have questions about what we can do, please reach out to us for custom arrangements. As each location is different, we can usually collaborate on the best option for you.

Board Game Design Articles and Newsletter:

To support the future creation of great games and to help enrich game designers’ and players’ lives, we work to maintain a regular tabletop game design blog with open access to all visitors to our site. We also maintain an irregular newsletter to help share new articles, great new games, other news we think will help add value to your life. We are deeply grateful for all who help to support our efforts to enrich the lives of those who design and publish board games, and we are excited to what else we can do to help create joy!

Feedback on our articles in the comments section is always welcome, and we also appreciate any suggestions to help us improve our newsletter content and design. Thank you for all that you do!

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