Quiltable: Paper Quilts (Printable)


You and other players have been invited to participate in the Grand Worldwide Quilting Blitz! You will face off against any number of opponents as you test your ability to plot the best quilt design, combine quilting patterns, and plan ahead. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!

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Quiltable: Paper Quilts is a thinky game where players simultaneously compete in a grand quilting challenge to design the highest scoring quilt! Points are scored for completing quilt patterns, quickly finishing your quilt, and designing a symmetrical quilt. Completing rows and columns in a quilt unlock Beeline Bonuses that grant players special abilities and enable valuable dice mitigation. Will you focus on filling your quilt, claiming valuable patterns, or racing for the most valuable bonuses?

As all players use the same dice rolls to take each action, you cannot rely on luck to help you win.

The game is a PDF file that can be printed on a standard sheet of paper, either A4 or Letter size. Rules are available on a second page so that each copy of the game can be printed double sided with the game on one side and the instructions on the other. All you need to play is a pencil or pen and two standard dice! For players without a printer, the game can also be played digitally on a computer or tablet using a JPG file. You purchase the downloadable file, which you can use to play with as many players as you want! We only ask that you please not share the file.

The game can be played with one or more players, and is infinitely scalable. The solo game comes with three levels of difficulty as you face off against master quilters with increasing levels of skill.

How will you ensure that the quilt you plan is the most Quiltable?


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Quiltable: Paper Quilts



Game Information

Player Count: 1–100
Set-up Time: < 1 Minute
Play Time: 30 Minutes
Recommended Age: 10+


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